Little knowledge and shopping skills of hiking shoes you don't know

Date:2019-08-17 15:24:06

For outdoor hikers, a good pair of climbing shoes is very important. The selection and maintenance of climbing shoes are all necessary. Proper selection of shoes suitable for oneself can make both feet more comfortable while hiking. Careful maintenance can prolong the life of shoes and maintain the comfort of climbing shoes. I would like to briefly introduce you to the basic knowledge of climbing shoes and shopping skills. 
Mountaineering shoes are specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of outdoor sports. In outdoor sports, there are brooks, mud, rugged mountain roads, weed roads, even steep cliffs or snow mountains, so the choice of hiking shoes is very important. Faced with the market of low, medium and high three kinds of upper mountaineering shoes. 

1. Low-end climbing shoes 
Low-grade climbing shoes, also known as low-waist climbing shoes, sometimes also known as hiking shoes, walking shoes. Outdoor shoes with lower back than bare feet. Suitable for some daily hiking and climbing, because the low-boot mountaineering shoes are most suitable for walking on relatively flat rural roads or mountain roads when the load is small. 
Lightweight, light weight, light and flexible walking; footwear with soft soles, comfortable to wear; higher upper shoes for low prices. 
Hiking shoes usually have soft soles and weak support to both sides of the foot; lack of support and protection to the ankle, ankle joints are vulnerable to injury; waterproof performance is not high, the highest position is only to the tongue. 

2. Zhonggang Mountaineering Shoes 
Mid-band climbing shoes, also known as mid-waist climbing shoes, are between low and high-band, and can just pass bare feet. Suitable for long hiking and mountain climbing. When the hiking conditions are not very bad, the slope is not very big, and the load is not very much, the middle-sized climbing shoes are the first choice. 
The upper just wraps around the ankle, which can reduce the impact on the ankle and protect the safety of the bare feet. For the lower upper, the sole is more wear-resistant and rigid, and the waterproof is lower and the upper is higher. 
The air permeability is lower and weaker. In the case of steep terrain and high load, it can not provide the support and support needed by legs and feet. 






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