Chi Fulin proposes separate customs zone and tax benefits for Hainan

Date:2020-06-15 10:27:27

Last year, China (Hainan) Institute of Reform and Development President Chi Fulin in the "Free Trade Hainan and create the future" as the theme of Hainan entrepreneurship The summit forum delivered a keynote speech entitled "Hainan open hot land, entrepreneurial hot land". At the forum, Chi Fulin explained his understanding of Hainan entrepreneurship from the level of system and reform.

Chi Fulin said at the meeting that the construction of a pilot free trade zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics is a historic opportunity for Hainan to become a hot land for opening up and entrepreneurship, and Hainan should raise its station, speed up the construction of a new open economy system and seize the strategic opportunity period.

The development of service trade has become the focus of international economic competition and the focus of high-quality economic development. Chi Fulin believes that Hainan has the conditions to develop unique advantages in the innovative development of service trade. Accelerating the process of service trade development is not only a major task for Hainan's opening and entrepreneurship, but also an important condition for Hainan's entrepreneurship and innovation.

How can Hainan accelerate the process of developing trade in services?

Chi Fulin said, first, Hainan can study the full implementation of the duty-free policy on daily consumer goods, so that qualified enterprises have the right to operate duty-free business, and speed up joint efforts with Hong Kong to build an international tourism consumption center.Secondly, Hainan should extend the implementation of some of the policies of the International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone to the whole province as soon as possible, which can speed up the process of opening up China's healthcare and force pharmaceutical companies to transform and upgrade, as well as attract people from all over the country to seek medical treatment in Hainan, so that the people of Hainan and even the whole country can benefit from it.Third, to promote the full liberalization of the education market.

Chi Fulin stressed that preferential policies are certainly very important, but without institutional innovation, preferential policies will be greatly discounted, and only on the premise of institutional innovation will the policy effect be stimulated, will provide fundamental protection for the landing of policies, and provide important conditions for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Finally, Chi Fulin said: "Institutional innovation will create important conditions for Hainan to become a hotbed of opening up and entrepreneurship. It is also an important condition for investors to invest and for Hainan to form a good business environment and to improve government efficiency and reduce the cost of entrepreneurship. Important conditions."






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